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BuddyUp is a web app currently under development for Firefox OS that enables peer-to-peer support with smart features like screen sharing, as well as on-device notifications when a contributor answers your questions. It’s a single support entry point for users and it integrates support offered on hardware, software or service issues.


Allow Mozilla to deploy experiments to a statistically-relevant population of users and measure the results

The primary site for



Contributor tasks using Automation


production = staging =

Firefox Metro

Firefox Metro is Mozilla's Firefox that runs in Windows 8.* metro mode.


Mozilla's E-Mail client

Firefox OS

This product contains everything having to do with Firefox OS, including Gaia and Apps, with a focus on blackbox (moztrap) tests. Firefox OS is the umbrella, under which, there will be several Suites, each pertaining to a sub area (e.g. Marketplace, Gaia, Calendar, Calculator, System Activities, etc).


Mozilla's Marketplace brings personalized discovery, worldwide distribution, and easy payments to the largest platform for app development: the Web.

Desktop Firefox

Firefox Browser

Mobile Firefox

Firefox Browser for devices running Android

Battery API

Test environments for testing manual test pages.


Primary product and profile for BrowserID testing.